Welcome to the Missouri Show-Me Big Bucks Club official website!


MSMBBC has established a regional coordinator program to assist the public with record entries and locating Official Measurers.  Please contact the regional coordinator in your area for club details.  Inquiries regarding past or pending entries may be directed to Larry Lueckenhoff, Coordinating Officer, or Shannon Workman, Director of Records.  Visit our “Contact Us” tab for contact information.

MSMBBC recognizes trophy white-tailed deer harvested or found in Missouri, in both the typical and non-typical categories.  In addition, the club recognizes shed antlers in both categories.  Minimum entry scores for trophy records are 140 inches for typical entries, 155 inches for non-typical entries, 60 inches for typical shed entries, and 70 inches for non-typical shed entries.  Entry fees are $20 for trophy entries, and $15 for shed antlers, and include a certificate and entry packet as well as lifetime entry of the trophy in MSMBBC records. 

The MSMBBC experienced transition activities in 2008 and the Missouri Show-Me Big Bucks Club website remains a work in progress.  Public updates and information will continue to be enhanced in the future.  Plans include both a public site, and a private site for members and Official Measurers.  This website will provide information relative to measuring events, measurer location, club records, photos, and more.  MSMBBC merchandise will be available for purchase at some point in the future, via the public site.

We thank you for your interest in the new Missouri Show-Me Big Bucks Club...  Good Hunting!

The Missouri Show-Me Big Bucks Club offers special thanks to our sponsors that assisted during our transition: