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Missouri Show-Me Big Bucks Club membership is based upon entry of a qualifying trophy in the club.  Entries require a minimum net score of 140 inches for the “Typical” category, 155 inches for the “Non-Typical” category, 60 inches for the “Typical Shed Antler” category, or 70 inches for the “Non-Typical Shed Antler” category, using the Boone & Crockett Club scoring system. 

All trophies and shed antlers must be “dried” for a period of 60 days prior to official measurement.  To meet this requirement, a minimum of 60 days must pass from the date the trophy was harvested or found.  The trophy should be allowed to dry under normal atmospheric conditions, indoors or outdoors, with temperatures above freezing.  If the trophy is frozen for taxidermy or other purposes, the 60-day drying period begins the date it is removed from the freezer.

Qualifying entries include trophies harvested by hunters under Boone & Crockett Club-defined rules of fair chase, as well as trophies that are found or “picked up” in the wild (no “high fence” or pen-raised deer).  Recognized methods for taking trophies include high-powered rifle / modern firearm, archery, pistol, hunting method exception (HME - crossbow during archery season, etc), and muzzleloader.

In addition to regular memberships, MSMBBC provides associate memberships to active and retired official measurers, and recognizes honorary memberships for qualifying situations. 

Record Entries...
To enter a record in the club, an official measurer affiliated with MSMBBC must measure the trophy.  (Note:  If the trophy net score exceeds the minimum score for one of the national organizations, B&C, P&Y, NMLRA, etc, it should be measured by an official measurer affiliated with that organization).  Many of the Missouri Show-Me Big Bucks Club measurers are qualified to measure for these national organizations.  Visit our “Measurers” tab to locate a qualified measurer near you.

If a trophy meets the minimum requirements for MSMBBC, it may be submitted for entry by mailing the following documents to the MSMBBC Regional Coordinator for your area, or to the MSMBBC Director of Records:

  1. Completed MSMBBC Entry Form (downloadable from this site), OR... an information sheet containing the following information:
    • Owner/Hunter full name
    • Mailing address
    • Phone number
    • Email address (if applicable)
    • Weapon used
    • Age (if under age 16 at time of harvest)
  2. Copy of completed score sheet, front and back, signed by official MSMBBC measurer
  3. Appropriate Entry fee (Checks should be made payable to “Missouri Show-Me Big Bucks Club”)
    • $20.00 per trophy entry
    • $15.00 per shed entry
  4. Trophy Photos (Optional).
    • By submitting photos to MSMBBC, you are authorizing MSMBBC the right to post on our website and use in club materials

Download Entry Form Here