Our Mission... To officially recognize Missouri trophy deer and successful hunters; to establish and maintain permanent records of trophy deer taken in Missouri; to promote interest and appreciation in Missouri deer hunting; to promote sportsmanship among deer hunters, and to assist eligible members of MSMBBC in receiving national recognition from the Boone & Crockett Club, the Pope & Young Club, the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association, and other supported organizations.

  The late Charles Schwartz designed the official club logo in 1968, specifically for the Missouri Show-Me Big Bucks Club.  Charles was a nationally known Wildlife Artist from Missouri.  This logo is still used today, and appears on all of the club materials & merchandise. 

Through efforts of interested hunters, Boone & Crockett measurers, and employees of the Missouri Department of Conservation, the Missouri Show-Me Big Bucks Club was formed in 1968.   Since its inception, the club has recorded trophy entries in both typical and non-typical categories.  Original club minimum requirements for the typical category were set at 150 inches north of the Missouri river, and 140 inches south of the river.  Similarly, minimum requirements for the non-typical category were set at 170 inches north of the river, and 160 inches south of the river.  Upon a study of Missouri and National record entries, it was later viewed that any Missouri whitetail of 140 inches typical, or 155 inches non-typical is a true quality animal, and in 1985 the club minimums were subsequently changed statewide to the current minimum requirements of 140 and 155 inches respectively. 

In 1998, the club initiated a shed antler category and began accepting shed entries in 1999.  The club currently recognizes trophy-shed antlers in both the typical and non-typical categories.  A 60-inch minimum for typical sheds and 70-inch minimum for non-typical sheds is recognized.

In late 2005, club activity slowed dramatically as original record keeping methods and equipment became obsolete, original club organizers and management began to retire and other unforeseen challenges forced record keeping efforts to come to a halt.  Following a three-year lapse in record keeping activity, the club was reorganized and on March 3, 2008, the new Club was registered with the State of Missouri.   Current MSMBBC officers include the following...


Coordinating Officer
            Larry Lueckenhoff - St. Thomas, MO

Director of Records
             Shannon Workman, Fordland, MO

Assistant Coordinating Officer
             Bradley Harriman - Pilot Grove, MO

Regional Coordinators
            James W. Martin - Northwest Region
            Bradley Ream - Northeast Region
            Larry Lueckenhoff - Kansas City Region
            Larry Lueckenhoff - Central Region
            John Detjen Jr. - St. Louis Region
            Arlen Lipper - Southwest Region
            Shannon Workman - Ozark Region
            Shannon Workman - Southeast Region