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How to become a Missouri Show-Me Big Bucks Club measurer...

We are always open to Missourians interested in becoming MSMBBC measurers.  If you are interested in becoming a measurer, here are some guidelines for you to consider...

  • Measuring is a volunteer, public service.  Measurers do not get paid for these services
  • Measurers are strongly encouraged to play an active role in the club, and are asked to work (measure) at various measuring events in your region and / or around the State
  • Measurers are responsible for keeping abreast of current Boone & Crockett club measuring rules, and for following ethical practices outlined by MSMBBC

MSMBBC currently offers two methods for qualifying as an official measurer for the club:

  1. Contact an official Boone & Crockett or Pope & Young Club measurer regarding assisting with his/her efforts (see MSMBBC Measurer’s List on this site).  You will work with, and assist the official measurer in measuring trophies at various measuring events and/or in his/her local.  This process will continue until such time as the official measurer is confident that you are a competent measurer, and are qualified to measure for the club.  At that time, he/she will submit a letter of recommendation to the MSMBBC Coordinating Officer, and you will subsequently be issued a measurer's ID and information packet.   

  2. As regional and/or county demands indicate a need for measurers, we will advertise and offer regional training sessions to qualify new measurers.  Please monitor this website for upcoming training sessions near you!