The "Gibson Buck"...

This extraordinary trophy was taken by Larry Gibson in Randolph County, Missouri in November 1971.  This 12-point trophy currently ranks No. 3 in the world according to Boone & Crockett Club records in the Typical Whitetail category, with a net score of 205 0/8.


  2. Larry Gibson  1. Early Gibson Mount   3. Gibson Family

                              Larry Gibson                                                      Early Mount Display                                      Gibson Family

 Enhanced Replica Process - 2016

5. Skull Plate Prep     Skull Plate Preperation     6. Slull Plate Prep


Original Rack, Mold Preparation   7. Mold Prep           8. Mold Prep


 9. Molding        10. Molding      Molding Process


11. Seams     Seam Preparation     12. Seams


Carding Process     13. Carding Mold          14. Carding Mold

Fiber-Glassing the Mold

15. Glassing Mold 16. Glassing Mold 17. Glassing Mold


18. Completed Mold with Replica   Completed Mold with Replica


Poured Replica     19. Poured Replica